How To Protect Your Computer From Malware


As we enter the 21st century, we see the rapid growth of technologies. Manufacturers of electronic gadgets are releasing new output every now and then and we are getting used to performing our activities with technologies. One of the most commonly used technologies is the personal computer. Be at home or office, we carry out our tasks using computers. This wonderful device became a part our life since we are dependent on it. Despite being a helpful companion, a computer is also susceptible to malware attacks. It could get corrupt in a way or another and crack the whole system.

Computers Malware And Its Intimidation

The word malware is the short form for “malicious software”. Such programs are used by the evil doers like hackers and crackers with an intention of inflicting harm on the computer users. The purpose using malware application is to damage the computer system for stealing data, disrupting computer network, earning dirty money, personal attack, or a dirty prank. There are several factors how your computer exposed to malware applications:

  • Downloading infected software
  • Opening spam email attachments
  • Visiting unknown websites
  • Inserting the infected drive into your system
  • Using pirated software

Types Of Malware

With the development of cutting-edge technologies to save our lives, spawning of potentially malicious software is also increasing. The following are some of the widely known malware applications.

Virus – It is capable of multiplying itself and spreading to other computers by adding themselves to various programs. When the users dispatch the infected programs, it automatically spreads into the new device.

Trojan horse – It disguises itself as friendly software. It steals personal information of user’s credentials like IP address or password.

Adware – It automatically displays advertisements as pop-ups on websites when the user is in online mode.

Spyware – It aims to steal personal or business information by tracking your internet activities. It sends the data from the computer in the background to another location.

Why You Need Antivirus Security Solution

Malware and virus attacks on your computer could lead to work interruption. It may force you to spend a huge amount of cash for repairing or replacement of the computer. Thus, you need remedies to reduce the risk of exposing your computer to malware.

AVRiQ, the leading name in PC service provider offers an effective antivirus security solution to protect your PC and laptop from the malicious effects of the virus. Our services comprise malware detection, antivirus software installation, firewall configuration, and timely update of antivirus. We have our expert professionals in your area whom you may avail the services at your doorstep.

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